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Tiger Milk Tea Boba Kit
Tiger Milk Tea Boba Kit
Tiger Milk Tea Boba Kit
Tiger Milk Tea Boba Kit
Tiger Milk Tea Boba Kit
Tiger Milk Tea Boba Kit
Tiger Milk Tea Boba Kit

Tiger Milk Tea Boba Kit

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Your most favorite boba drink is now available at home. 

Any time. Any how. Any way. 

This kit is perfect for those that craves boba at all times - especially if their favorite boba shop is not open at the times of need. This boba kit makes boba-at-home, easy. 

Unlike other boba kits, our premium grade organic black tea is hand-blended In houseThe tiger syrup in the box can be added to the classic milk tea or stand-alone as a caffeine free drink for caffeine-sensitive people like kiddos. You'll be able to stretch this kit to make up to 16 drinks. 

Our restaurant-grade boba is always QQ and chewy for up to 6 hours after cooking. It won't harden in an iced drink faster than you can even say "BOBA" like cheaper and faster alternatives. So it's perfect to share in a social gathering. 

We pack our kits per order locally in Oakland, CA. 

The tiger milk tea boba kit contains: 

2 oz. premium organic classic black tea | enough for 8-10 12 oz. drinks

12 oz. tiger syrup aka caramelized brown sugar  | enough for 6-8 drinks 

16 oz. restaurant-grade dry raw boba | enough for 10 drinks 

12 oz. artisanal brown sugar [hand mixed w/ caramelized brown sugar & molasses] 

2 reusable muslin cloth tea bags 

2 reusable stainless steel boba straw & cleaner 

What you'll need at home:

To Cook Boba

Pot to cook boba 

Strainer for boba 

Bowl to mix brown sugar & boba after cooking

To Make Drinks

Cup, preferably clear so you have the boba visual 

Spoon to stir 


Hot Water 

Choice of milk [my preference is half&half, but any version of barista alt milk will do] 


  • Pitcher optional for making big batches to save time. Classic iced tea is good in the fridge for up to 10 days. Add milk when ready to drink.  


Classic Black Tea Ingredients: Organic Ceylon, Organic Assam 

Boba Ingredients: Tapioca Starch, Water, Hydroxypropyl Starch, Caramel Color, Brown Sugar Extract, Sodium Benzoate [as preservative], potassium sorbate [as preservative] 

Brown Sugar Ingredients: Cane Sugar, molasses, caramelized brown sugar

Tiger Syrup Ingredients: Brown sugar, water, fructose, potassium sorbate