Hi! I'm Peggy. I am the Founder of Oakland Tea Co.

Chef | Founder of Polaris Cafe | Drinks Connoisseur | Mama

Oakland Tea Co. was born out of necessity to get myself out of depression from the shutdown of my cafe of 5 years during the brunt of covid.

At the time I felt it the hardest while stuck at home, I started sending out boba kits w/ different blends of organic tea to my friends as a way to connect.

It worked! Word of mouth got out, and I started an Etsy shop in December to keep up with holiday orders.

I decided to name it Oakland Tea Co., as a way to pay homage to where I was born, raised, and currently living. I think Oakland gave me the grit and drive to keep going, despite all and any circumstances. [I get asked on why I didn't put Oakland Tea Co. as a part of Polaris Cafe. To be honest, I wasn't sure if Polaris Cafe could have survived the pandemic.]

With the help of Oakland Tea Co. I was able to bring back all of my employees from Polaris Cafe and found other joys throughout the process. I started taking classes on photography, e-commerce, marketing, and business--which renewed my urge for learning & growing. Something that went away after two babies.

Now you can follow me on my journey of my many different titles.